One of our greatest specialities is repairing and overhauling hydraulic cylinders.

Repair, maintenance, and service

Breedveld & Weaver has 50 years of experience in repairing hydraulic components.
The repairs take place largely in our own service and repair department, which is equipped with modern facilities, tools, test bench, and other facilities.

One of our greatest specialties is repairing and overhauling hydraulic cylinders.
Skilled mechanics ensure an expert repair or overhaul of almost any kind of hydraulic cylinder. Even when it was originally not supplied by us. Quotation and continuous evaluation will give you as a customer insight into the progress of the repair.

Modifying and upgrading shafts/rods, bearing strips, etc. are a part of our daily activities.
We also have great expertise in repairing and remanufacturing cylinders and parts to specifications of old, damaged or discontinued models, and/or to your specific needs, and/or to manufacturers specifications.

Repair and/or overhaul of hydraulic cylinders is possible in most cases. It is therefore important to check if it is more profitable to repair and/or overhaul in case of failure or damage. Just contact us and we will give you a repair cost quotation based on very competitive pricing, in metric (mm) and imperial (inch) sizes. Fast turnaround is possible after consultation. Repaired and overhauled cylinders are returned with a standard test report on request.


Service and Repair of other hydraulic equipment

In addition to repairing and overhauling hydraulic cylinders, we have extensive experience in repairing and maintaining complete hydraulic units, valves, and other hydraulic components.

For servicing and repairing of manually, pneumatic or electric driven pumps, rams, jacks and other hydraulic equipment we operate a separate repair department.
Our test facilities enable us to conduct various testing methods like testing pumps up to 2800 bar and rams up to 400 tonnes. Certification surveys can also be conducted in co-operation with institutes like Lloyds and T.N.O. on request.

We also supply parts, seals, rod-gland-piston seals, o-rings and repair kits for various kinds of hydraulic equipment and cylinders.